Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is year 2011!

wah.....8 months i didnt update my blog d. It has been long long time ago, somehow today i remember i have a blog actually >.<. However 2011 half year had been gone, in this short period of time i already have been upgrade to master student, from private University change to loacl university. And i already finish my 1st semester of master study with grade 3.50. Now i am looking forward to graduate my master next year, hopefully everything go smoothly. Time pass so fast....i feel like i growth up a lot, learn a lot as postgraduate pure research student which totally differ from degree life. I thought pure research is the best choice for me, but now i feel the hard time, i experience the hard time, i go through the hard time, in front still have so many hard time to go through. I feel breathless.....I feel what suppose i not to feel.......I found that i have serious different frequency with human communication. I found research life is hard ..... even i doing pipette job for half year d, start have wrist and finger join pain. Always dealing with those dangerous chemical ..... feel like.....haiz.....but....i start think for my own future. what should i do then....i seen like lost something....lost my direction....the momment i choose something, pick up something, i lose others precious things. Where is my courage? where is my faith? where is my heart? where is my soul? i lose my mind...i am not a good student....i am not good in my own management....i am not good at all....i wish to look forward something....which i dont know what is that, before i regret.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monica Hii Hung Ling is graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman!

Lets's read the speech from momo @@
It has been 4 years, time pass so fast finally I reach the day as graduate from Bachelor of Science Hon Biotechnology. 4 years what I want to said is 1st thank god, 2nd thank god, 3rd still thank god. Without God with me I think I cannot do it. The moment I am lonely, the moment I am stress, the moment I am sad, the moment I want give up, the moment I am depress, the moment I am sick, the moment I get food poison, the moment I am tired, the moment………………haiz……… long time didn’t write blog, stop the moment or else reader feel sienz……..anyway just thanks Lord for everything take You make me possible.
Next I want thanks to all my brother and sister in Christ, you guys really great, How great is our god and let’s us sing how great is our brother and sister in Christ……..thanks you guys bring me joy, fun, happiness, and encouragement ^.^
And my UTARIAN friends, especially the 13 members of my gang housemate, toilet mate, Westlake mate, since foundation until now for 4 years we have been together, from different course biomed, biochem, biotech, chemistry and accounting. Thanks you all bring all fun, activities after the school, cooking, singing, movie…ing…., shopping, travelling , eat ice creaming……and so on. Oh ya~ most enjoying is the makmak time.
No matter where we go after graduate, what we did, I believe there is always a chance to meet up, as there is a heart that willing to meet. Those who start work, those who still looking for job, those who continue master, those continue phd, those enjoying holiday==, those still suffering in Kampar utar, Wish u all…..ALL THE BEST. I promise will go find you guys!


Thank you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its time to write something!

Well how long i didnt update my blog d! Phew......
Final sem is really busy like hell, thesis, reports, presentation, assignment, midterm, quiz etc.
NEVER MIND 2 months to go all of this gonna to END soon. Gonna to put a big full stop O on my degree life.

I want share food poison now.
Review back July i had food Poison twice so kampar really like hell.
First time just a mild symptons.
However 2nd time just happen pass saturday i really suffer until .......
That saturday i start vomit at 10pm something non-stop until sunday. i wonder how can i vomit so much. Until 3am i am so blur sleepy but couldnt sleep condition keep vomit visit an indian fat doctor. He Said me serious food poison wanna give me injection but u know la no ppl like injection, thus i rejected. He just give me some medic and oral rehydration salt to consume. High fever make me cant sleep well too vomit until my leg no energy. 3 days didnt eat rice can u imagine how u will be if 3 days cant eat rice. Thats why i miss my 1st sunday of the August Holy communion service in church. Yes my face did look like ghost for few day hate it. Once i heard many people also get food poison recently kampar food really like low quality as demand increase more new food stall coming out but they didnt be careful while doing their business. It give me impression that i dont like kampar again. Done my blood test everything is ok but liver a bit have to take care dont burn the midnight oil but one month i only did once or twice only. ECG test is ok de just heatbeat a bit fast at boarder line 100 beat per min.

2 months have to prepare my FYP presentation and sit for really last last final final papers on 14/9 until 27/9. Officially will graduate on 27/9 11am after gonna to settle my 4 years stuff from pj until kampar and 3 october will back Miri. After that i gonna to have long rest before starting new life. I not sure what i going to do but most properly continue my life as student for postgraduate study. So do pray for my future i know what i want to do, hope God will prepare everything nicely for me so that i no need to worry so much. Hope to follow the Lord footstep more closely as now seen like a bit far d.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My year 3 sem 1 result DROP!

UTAR ah~ usually faculty of science late only 1 day the result should be out, but this time is so special because faculty of science is only Biotechnology students late 2 days only out.

And I know the reason why late 2 days because all students result DROP!

I never experience result drop this is first time drop. My friend so exciting because my result alway increase in class but sorry leh dissadpointed u all d because this time mine result also drop.

Momo any feeling resUlt drop.

Ehh...i think ok gua dont know what feeling because i drop 0.1 only compare to last sem.

But a bit sad because i expect i can get very very GOOD result because coursework marks is high.

I expect Intrusment n entrepreneur to get A's but at the end this 2 r the worst B- LOL~

Never mind look forward for better final sem.

Share one funny story to u all, I Know many of my friends sad of RESULT.
Dont Laugh me in this story OK?

The story was happen on 15 May when a girl call Momo = = u know that girl very blur and stupid de la taking KTM to KL.

What happen? What so funny? wait patient i tell story very "LO SO" de.

Another girl call VY, Momo friend promise to help momo bought the KTM ticket.

VY pass KTM Ticket to momo and said RM8

Momo said cheap eh not RM11 de meh?

VY said oh i got KTM student ID can get cheaper price and this train go kepong central one cheaper u can stay in train until KL central no people check one dont worry. VY stay at kepong de u know who la no need i tell u who is VY if still dont know than ask God la.

Oh yah i ask VY bought the ticket where i want in front 1st chair because i have luggage need more space to put my thing, and yes VY did it.

On that day my housemates thanks DAI LOU n JJ send me to KTM.

I go in the train and sit at 1st place.

When check the ticket the KTM guy ask Ah Moi apa nombor ic 4 yang last kamu.

Momo said APA HAL i nak beritahu kamu.

The guy said ticket ini hanya boleh diguna oleh nama yang tercatat di dalam ticket ini.

In Momo mind OH SHIT.

The ticket bought by VY so the VY name is on the ticket i dont know her ic number.

This Momo is damn honest

And momo answer i tidak tahu ic itu o kawan saya tolong saya beli punya.

The guy said Kamu ada student ID?

Momo very proud take Out UTAR student ID which Momo just renew pay RM25 to make new ID old 1 rosak.

Momo mind Finally have chance to 1st time show my new ID.

The guy Said ah Moi is KTM student ID not student ID.

Momo mind PAISEH....Got such thing KTM student ID i dont know o.

Momo tell that guy i really DONT KNOW KTM role.

The guy said never mind this ticket cant use d. have to pay for new one RM22.

In Momo mind RM22 ma saman me lo double charge.

And Finally Momo pay the RM22 and so PAISEH all people look at MOMO sit lucky No 1 chair.

Momo mind thinking again, RM22 + orginal RM8 this train cost me RM30. NEVER MIND, money can solve problem dont care lo.

Momo thinking again i really DONT KNOW KTM got such thing.

BUT THANK GOD let momo experience such FUNNY thing.

Momo experience saman in KTM leh u all Never try ba. "yen wor"

Haiz...this Momo really proud and stupid did such thing.

The end of story!

Happy ending "STUPID MOMO"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Final sem wohooo.....

2 weeks holiday only~
Have to face my final sem~

Today whole day eat and sleep only!

Finally i done something meaningfull 2day!

I done my own timetable for final sem~

I found that i like this timetable very much....kekekek.....why? Thursday no class is holiday no need go school write thesis.
That's not specially enough!
Thursday do u all know why no class???
My birthday 15 july fall on thursday so whole sem thursday no class holiday~ wahahahah

Thursday, May 13, 2010


每当人家问我thesis 写什么?我就说我的人参,很多人以为是我的人生=.=

Happy finally i have time to blogging~

After 1 sem hardwork my FYP sucessful my ginseng as show in photo below:-

After having last paper today i went to Lab observe the only 3 tubes that i did before and so surprise 3 tubes survive no contamination at skill not bad ba~

And i decide take 1 tube back hometown hope it can bring me some feel to write my thesis. Total 7 chapters thesis 2 weeks sem break my supervisor want me complete 3 chapters first huhuhu......poor holiday.....

whatever holiday holiday holiday must enjoy~

"Ginseng on board" Hope the agar wouldnt melt when in plane~

Friday, April 16, 2010


Is already 5 day my stomach still not in good condition....keep shit and shit....and shit....
It start from sunday after celebrate friends birthday at pizza hut KAMPAR come back home at night i start diarrhea. From night 10pm something i shit until monday 9am only stop shitting, i wonder where i get so many shit to shit whole night, cant sleep well whole night keep running to the toilet without on the toilet light because i enjoy shit in the dark~
Monday at school after lunch almost vomit at canteen there n i felt so tired that night cant sleep....whole day just stomachache nothing to shit.
Tuesday i so hungry and stomachache no choice i have to eat whatever i ate porridge or rice all become Shit within one hours. I call my friend sent me to clinic look for doctor. KAMPAR doctor DAMN CHEAP....he ask me whats my problem i just tell him everything he just simply look look and give medicine thats all. In kampar any patient visit any doctor, the doctor will become like printer what u say they just print out to give you a list what medicine you should take and the patient is the doctor actually identify all the sickness. After visit doctor in the morning i take the medicines and feel better a bit and going to school want attend 4pm lecture but before i can reach my lecture hall at block H i start diarrhea twice until i no energy walk to class and my friend just send me home. Just rest at home on wednesday and just having a bit stomachache.
Thursday all kind of weird sound come out from my stomach is not hungry sound just the stomach feel uncomfortable.
Sometime feel totally ok but suddenly will stomachache feel want to shit again.
Today is friday i start shit again 4 times diarrhea. Oh God i really wonder where those shit come from??? so many shit. Shit until i feel like so tired and sleepy. A lot air bubbles in my stomach.
I hope tonight will be better because 2moro going to attend agriculture technology seminar 9.30am until 5pm and sunday i going kl mid valley having job carrier fair....
Hope that no more unhealthy watery sticky smelly shit together with weird sound coming out from my butt again.
Too many shit not good, no shit also not good!
Oh ya yesterday went to weight my body weight is 42kg....