Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is year 2011!

wah.....8 months i didnt update my blog d. It has been long long time ago, somehow today i remember i have a blog actually >.<. However 2011 half year had been gone, in this short period of time i already have been upgrade to master student, from private University change to loacl university. And i already finish my 1st semester of master study with grade 3.50. Now i am looking forward to graduate my master next year, hopefully everything go smoothly. Time pass so fast....i feel like i growth up a lot, learn a lot as postgraduate pure research student which totally differ from degree life. I thought pure research is the best choice for me, but now i feel the hard time, i experience the hard time, i go through the hard time, in front still have so many hard time to go through. I feel breathless.....I feel what suppose i not to feel.......I found that i have serious different frequency with human communication. I found research life is hard ..... even i doing pipette job for half year d, start have wrist and finger join pain. Always dealing with those dangerous chemical ..... feel like.....haiz.....but....i start think for my own future. what should i do then....i seen like lost something....lost my direction....the momment i choose something, pick up something, i lose others precious things. Where is my courage? where is my faith? where is my heart? where is my soul? i lose my mind...i am not a good student....i am not good in my own management....i am not good at all....i wish to look forward something....which i dont know what is that, before i regret.